Babette's Table

MAKER'S STORY by Erika Lynch

Erika Lynch, Babette's Table My journey to create Babette’s Table began in Gascony, France, where I studied the old-world tradition of nose to tail butchery and French charcuterie with Kate Hill and Dominique Chapolard.

While there, I learned that when it comes to making good food, the process defines the product.

That’s why I only buy local, high quality pork, and it’s why my process is a slow one—from cracking my pepper in a mortar and pestle to hand tying each salami. Slow curing brings out robust flavors that quick, mass processing can’t match.  

Babette’s Table was inspired by Isak Dinesen’s “Babette’s Feast,” a story of a French refugee who flees the French Revolution. The story revolves around a decadent meal that Babette creates for those who have helped her. Although Babette generously spends all of her money on one meal, all those who participate are richer thanks to the transformative magic of good food. I like that.  

I generously offer my charcuterie to you. I encourage you to slow down, pull up a chair and share your table with those you love. That’s a life well lived.

—Erika Lynch, Babette’s Table