Von Trapp Farmstead Cheese

MAKER'S STORY by Sebastian von Trapp

Sebastian von Trapp, Von Trapp Farmstead Cheese I’ll get this out of the way first…yes we are part of the Austrian von Trapp family from the Sound of Music. My Grandmother, ‘Oma,’ was the first one in the family to learn how to farm. She, not my grand-father, went to Ag school in Austria to learn how to run a dairy farm. And since then three generations of our family have dedicated our lives to running this farm.

The craft of cheese making starts with the right cows that will produce the right level of butter fat for our cheese.  You’ll find many different unusual looking cows in our pastures to make this happen. We also really treat our cows well…only organic feed and exercise outside regularly. 

After that—its all about the science of cheese making. It takes great dedication to get this right. To dial in consistent creamy cheese that has won numerous awards from Oma to Mt Alice, Savage, and our latest prize winner, our Mad River Blue.

I am proud of the cheese we make, the way we raise our animals, and the good work place we have created that supports all who work the farm. Oma is proud of this too. My family has poured their life into this farm.  It is my honor to carry on this legacy.

—Sebastian von Trapp, Von Trapp Farmstead Cheese