Mad River Valley Terroir

What is Mad River Valley Terroir?

Terroir is a word originally associated with wine. Is is French and refers to the characteristic taste and flavor imparted to a wine by the environment in which it is produced. Terroir is why wines made from the same grape variety taste completely different in different parts of the world or even in different regions of a country. These days the term terroir is being used more broadly to describe not just wine, but other beverages and food as well.

We believe that the food grown and produced in the Mad River Valley has its own terroir; we call it Mad River Valley Terroir.

von Trapp Cheese is a great example of Mad River Valley Terroir Take for example, von Trapp cheese produced in Waitsfield. It is made from organic milk from cows who live their entire lives right at the farm on Common Road. They spend their summers grazing in fields that host a variety of grasses that thrive here. The milk tastes of the seasons and what the cows were eating at the time the cheese was made. Characteristics of milk are also affected by the type of cow, the weather, herd health and care of the animals. The cheesemaking process introduces a whole bunch of other variables into the process and before you know it, you have a cheese that can only be made here in Waitsfield, Vermont.  

Certifications of Authenticity

If you have traveled to France or Italy or enjoy food and wine from those countries, you may be familiar with the AOC or DOC certifications. These designations are used for wines, spirits, meats, honey, butter and even lentils and assure the buyer of the authenticity of the provenance of the product. It might seem over the top to have a system such as this, but it is why you can purchase Parmigiano Reggiano anywhere in the world and enjoy the terroir of the Emilia Romagna region of Italy, the only place in the world that can produce this Italian classic.

Discover Mad River Valley Terroir

We don't have a certification system in the US like those in Europe. But, as the example of von Trapp cheeses highlights, food from the Mad River Valley will be distinct and unique. At the Mad River Taste Place, you can discover the Terroir of the Mad River Valley and Vermont. As our makers become known in the region and throughout the country, look for their products in specialty stores. If it is from Vermont's Mad River Valley, you know it will have the same Mad River Valley Terroir that you get when you purchase those products here.