The Business of Cheese in Vermont

Cheese in Vermont is big business. Cabot alone produced over 82 million pounds (yes, million as in 97,000 tons!) of cheese last year. But that accounts for only 62% of all of the cheese produced in the state so clearly, while the big player is Cabot, there are many other cheesemakers who contribute to Vermont's robust cheese economy.

Vermont Business People provides insight into the business of cheesemaking in Vermont in their February 2018 issue.

Here are some interesting facts from the article that you can read in full here.

  • Jasper Hill Farm, known for their 22,000 square feet of cheese aging caves at their site in the Northeast Kingdom, sold nearly 1.5 million pounds of cheese last year, 35% that they had made and the balance being produced by other cheesemakers and then sold the Jasper Hill who is responsible for aging, packaging, marketing and delivering the cheese. This unique relationship allows fledgling cheesemakers to focus on cheese production while keeping their cash flow strong since they get paid for the cheese before it undergoes the lengthy aging process.
  • The market for most Vermont cheeses is mostly the northeast and the east coast although some travels farther to reach the mouths of cheeselovers. Jasper Hill exports to Australia, Europe and Central America.
  • The economics of pricing cheese is tricky. High quality artisan cheese requires skilled cheesemakers, top quality ingredients and a modern infrastructure for making and distributing the end product.

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Here an infographic that we created from some of the impressive statistics in the article.