Cider Faire!

Welcome to Cider Faire 2020!  The Taste Place is hosting:
Champlain Orchards
Eden Ciders
Windfall Orchards
Tin Hat Cider
Flag Hill Farm Cyder
Silo Cider
All of these cideries will be pouring ciders from their collection that have a focus on heirloom apples in honor of President's Weekend.

But that's not all - we definitely need snacks to go with these delicious beverages.  We are pairing some meats and cheeses to round out the experience.  We will be featuring von Trapp Farmstead Ploughman's salami - made with Shacksbury's dry cider and von Trapp's cheddar cheese.  There will also be samples of Mad River Blue to pair with the ice ciders.  Next up is Spring Brook Farms with their Reading Raclette.  Lisa is going to be preparing melty cheese goodness that will be poured over baguette, prosciutto cotto, cornichons and whatever other yummy things we can find.  This will pair especially nice with the sparkling ciders.  From there will be the most classic, Vermont pairing - cheddar cheese!  What could possibly go better with cider than cheddar?  Shelburne Farms will be on hand with the last of their 3 Year Cheddar.  This is Mary's favorite to pair with the Farmhouse style ciders.

But Wait - There's More!  Adam from Eden Ciders will be conducting short educational sessions throughout the 3 hour event.  He will be focusing on some specific pairings, he will have a handout covering heirloom varieties, concept of terroir and the amazingness of VT apples and cheese!