The Mad River Taste Video Series

For many small and emerging food business, branding and marketing lag behind the artisanal quality of their products leading to a lack of connection with potential customers and a loss of potential sales.  Mad River Taste was established to provide support in these critical areas and to help foster lasting connections with customers via strong storytelling.  We are so proud to present the Mad River Taste Video Series as the culmination of two years worth of work to tell the stories of some of our local makers and growers in the form of beautifully shot and directed short films.

Originally conceived of as a way to increase brand awareness for Mad River Taste artisans, the video project was designed to allow the makers and growers to tell their story in their own words along with video footage showcasing the hard work and dedication their products take to make.  More than any other medium, video allows potential customers to easily understand the quality of the products being made and to connect with the artisans who work so hard behind the scene to make them.

This project would not have been the success that it is without the involvement of brand designer Carol Degener and videographer Elizabeth Rossano.  Their creative vision and ability to connect with our makers and growers resulted in candid interviews and beautiful footage.  We could go on all day about how happy we are with the final product, but the videos speak for themselves: