What Exactly is a Ploughman's Lunch?

As the name strongly hints, a ploughman's lunch is what farmers would eat for their midday meal and it typically consisted of bread, cheese, meat and beer to wash it all down. What started out as a quick and easy way for a farmer's wife to feed her hungry husband a high-fat, high-protein meal became a popular pub lunch in England in the mid 1900's.

The term goes back hundreds of years and, as with many types of peasant food, today has been elevated to near delicacy status. For visitors to the Taste Place, the Ploughman's Lunch provides a perfect opportunity to enjoy some amazing Vermont cheeses, charcuterie prepared in classic French country tradition and a sampling of beers or hard ciders.

"For leaf peepers looking for a Vermont snack, Mad River Taste Place is a fun place to pull over."

Seven Days, Dining on a Dime

Seven Days food writer Sally Pollack featured our cheese plate in the newspaper's Dining on a Dime column and says it is a perfect snack for sharing after an afternoon touring the Valley. 

Choose Your Cheeses

You can select your favorite cheeses or have our cheesemonger curate the perfect plate based on your preferences. Do you want to compare cheddars from three different farms? Are you curious about the unique taste characteristics of cow, sheep and goat milk cheeses? Is there a hard-to-find cheese that you have been looking for and are thrilled to find in our case?  The Taste Place Ploughman's Lunch is a great way to learn about why Vermont cheesemakers are consistently awarded top honors at national and international cheese competitions.

Mad River Taste offers over 50 types of Vermont-made cheeses to choose from for a Ploughman's Lunch. Like the old-time ploughman's lunch, what we put on the plate hasn't traveled far. Our selection of over 50 cheeses are made in Vermont, the charcuterie is crafted to old-world standards just a 5 minute walk from the Taste Place at the Mad River Food Hub and the crackers or bread served on the side are baked by Vermont artisans. Even the beautiful etched slate serving board comes from right here in Vermont. Enjoyed by the fireplace in our comfortable leather chairs, lunch at the Mad River Taste Place is a unique and memorable experience.