Vermont Life Highlights the Mad River Taste Place

Vermont Life came out to visit us shortly after we opened during a Chamber Mixer. They did a great job capturing what the Taste Place is all about—the Makers and Growers of the Mad River Valley and Vermont.  

As Josh Schwartz, executive director of the local planning district, pointed out in the article, food is a major asset for the Valley. The Mad River Taste Place gives growers and makers a chance to introduce eaters to their foods and beverages by interacting directly with customers at regularly scheduled tasting events, new product launch parties and workshops.  

Corporate subscriptions can have unlimited training groups and administrators for each of those groups.


"I've been advocating for a tasting place in Vermont for years...This is a great central location where our cheeses and all the other products are presented in a way that really gives them an opportunity to shine."

Tom Bivens, Executive Director, Vermont Cheese Council


First-time visitors to the Taste Place often ask the staff, "What exactly is this place?" Unlike a traditional store, the Taste Place is first and foremost about celebrating the Makers and Growers of the Mad River Valley. There are hundreds of Mad River Valley and Vermont foods and beverages that fill the shelves and coolers at the Taste Place, but the signage tells more than just the price. Robin Morris, president of the Mad River Taste Place, is convinced that this strategy of connecting makers to eaters and drinkers will help build demand for the products throughout Vermont and around the country.

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