Mad River Distillers

In the mid-2000's as the Localvore Movement took hold throughout Vermont, the demand for locally-distilled spirits started growing. Encouraged by the market potential, several inspired entrepreneurs started up distilleries, each carving out a unique niche based on the ingredients they used and the products they made. Today, the Distilled Spirits Council of Vermont boasts 18 members from across the state ranging from world-renowned Whistle Pig Whiskey, to one of Vermont's original craft distilleries, Vermont Spirits to our own local, award-winning Mad River Distillers.

The commitment Vermont distillers have to using local ingredients in their process is impressive. Vermont-grown grains, maple, honey, fruit and even milk are featured in the elixirs flowing from state's distillers. 

Mad River Distillers

Several Mad River Distiller products feature local ingredients. The non-GMO corn that goes into their Bourbon Whiskey is locally-sourced. Maple Cask Rum gets a secondary aging in oak barrels that formerly held pure maple syrup. Hopscotch, an annual, limited-edition single malt scotch, in 2017 used Stone Corral Brewery's Scotch Ale as the "distillers beer." And, Malvados, Mad River Distillers' fruit-forward apple brandy, features local apples including some right from their property.

Caledonia Spirits

Raw honey from the local area is the distinguishing ingredient in each of Caledonia Spirits' gins and vodkas. Started by Todd Hardy, a passionate beekeeper of 48 years, the Barr Hill brand has won dozens of awards around the world. Their barrel-aged Tom Cat Gin was an overnight success, but access to American oak barrels threatened their throughput. Instead of throwing in the towel, the Caledonia Spirits team took control of their own destiny and started building their own barrels.