Green Rabbit Bakery

MAKER'S STORY | Suzanne Slomin

Suzanne Slomin, Green Rabbit Bakery Green Rabbit is a solar powered bakery in the Mad River Valley tucked just below Mount Alice. The bakery is surrounded by a pear orchard, berry plantation and organic vegetable garden. Suzanne Slomin, the creator of Green Rabbit Breads, lives next to her bakery finding it to be the only way to keep the crazy hours of a baker.  Her day typically starts by 4:30am when her bread starter needs to be fed.

The breads are naturally leavened through a slow fermentation process. The dough ferments for 24 hours at a cool temperature. This process slowly develops deeper flavor, renders the grain more digestible and results in an extended shelf life. The bread is praised for being light inside with a thin chewy crust outside, made possible by the slow fermentation process.

Baking bread fits Suzanne’s life, allowing her to tend to her gardens and orchard in between the stages of baking fermented bread. A sight to behold are her hands fluidly in motion as she divides and shapesthe bread in the afternoon. But the best part is the transformation that happens in her hearth ovens. 

In Suzanne’s words: “I am still amazed every time the bread comes out of the oven.”

Green Rabbit fermented breads…taste the difference time makes.