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MAKER'S STORY | Awake Coffee

Erika Lynch, Babette's Table

Welcome to Awake Coffee.  A trio of artistic souls,  Sarina Gulisano, Johnny Vitko and Jason Gulisano are the force behind these special coffees.  They will warmly welcome you into their coffee shop and café, The Sweet Spot, in the heart of Waitsfield where you can savor their freshly roasted Awake Coffee.

The Awake coffee family believes coffee is an amazing art form.  Coffee appeals to all of your senses…from the sound of fresh beans being ground, to the heady aroma they elicit, and the sheer beauty of a creamy latte or a simple cup of black coffee.  It truly brings joy to people on so many different levels.

It all starts with Jason, their coffee roaster.  His training as a chef gives him the discerning palette for sourcing the finest fair trade organic coffee beans from around the world.  You will find him every week in the roasting room dialing in the perfect blends and roasting temperatures.  They are the nuances that matter to make their Awake Coffee so enticing. Available in a full range of roasts like Hang Loose Morning Blend, that is bright and smooth way to ease into your day. Or the Big Buzz, the crowd favorite, is a medium roast with a sting of espresso. 

Sarina and Johnny have thoughtfully designed every aspect of your coffee experience.   Each espresso drink comes on a Vermont wood board with a little taste of dark chocolate and a glass of sparking water to cleanse your palette. Taking a to go cup would be missing a chance to appreciate the many levels of the Awake coffee experience. So why not take a small break from your busy life and “Awake your Senses” with Awake Coffee?