Babette's Table

MAKER'S STORY | Erika Lynch

Erika Lynch, Babette's Table

Please pull up a chair to Babette’s Table and let’s talk.  Erika Lynch, the butcher and owner, loves to do just that.

Erika learned her craft in the Gascony region of France where her mentors taught her classic techniques for curing meat.  It all starts from using carefully chosen cuts of local meat and adding back just enough fat to make the flavors come alive in slow curing.  This old world craft doesn’t require many bells and whistles to achieve amazing flavor.  For her Saucisson Sec, just salt, pepper, and a bit of garlic are all that is needed. This results in a delicate, mild flavor that will pair with anything on your table.  Just ask their visitors from France who exclaim, “Now that’s France!”, when they try Erika’s creations. 

You will see faces light up at the Waitsfield farmers market where her range of salami is generously sampled. Old world charcuterie including Duck Prosciutto, Coppa and Loma can also be discovered.  And if you are lucky, you may also find the culinary delights of pate, herbed sausage, and bone broth as well.

While in Gascony, Erika and her family cherished their midday meals.  After a full morning of butchering, their mentors would declare, “now we sit, we eat…and we talk.”  They took two hours to do just that, every day.  These were their favorite meals where they learned from and connected with some amazing kindred spirits.

This became the philosophy for Babette’s Table.  “We make everything we do with integrity and generosity, along with the gentle reminder to slow down and really be present with the people you love.”