Green Mountain Harvest

MAKER'S STORY | Green Mountain Harvest

Step into their hydroponic greenhouse and your eyes will be delighted by a sea of fresh spring greens and the sense that you entered a space of complete zen.   Green Mountain Harvest grows a wide array of lettuce, basil, watercress and more year round.   Even in the cold dark winter months when nothing grows in Vermont, it thrives there.

Hydroponic greens are tender and sweet and result in the best salads most have ever eaten.  These greens don’t have to stand up to the elements of living outside, like elbowing out weeds, since there is no dirt involved when you grow hydroponically in water.  These greens are “clean, clean, clean.”  The owners believe hydroponic greens may be some of the safest foods you can eat today.

Their greenhouse has an impressive environmental story to tell as well.  It’s a truly energy efficient process.  They use minimal fossil fuels and draw from the energy of the sun to make their own energy.  And don’t forget that plants naturally use up carbon and convert it to oxygen.  Thank you plants!  Remarkably, their ½ acre greenhouse can grow as much as a 200 acre farm, easily.  Now that’s efficiency.  Hydroponics can be the wave of the future… providing healthy food despite the impacts of climate change.

The owners, John and Ted Farr and Dave Hartshorn believe you can “really feed the world” using hydroponics. Now that’s an inspiring thought. Enjoy the bounty of amazing greens from Green Mountain Harvest.