Ploughgate Creamery

MAKER'S STORY | Marisa Mauro

Marisa Mauro, Ploughgate Creamery

Marisa Mauro, the founder and creator of Ploughgate Butter, runs her creamery on a historic Land Trust farm called Bragg Hill in Mad River, Vermont.  Interestingly, Marisa discovered that butter was made on this farm over a 100 years ago. Now she is bringing back the craft of Vermont butter making at it’s authentic roots.

Marisa has applied her years of cheese making experience to perfect the nuances of her cultured butter. Ploughgate Butter is about as handcrafted as it gets.  It all starts with simple, pure Vermont goodness…farm fresh cream is cultured overnight to deepen the flavor of her butter.  Then hours of churning and kneading by hand go into achieving it’s lush texture.  A sprinkling of course sea salt is the finishing touch to add just a little crunch. Her handmade approach also opens the door to seasonal creativity…when spring chives and autumn maple find their way into her delightful butters. 

Marisa is also thoughtful about the aesthetics of her pristine and bright creamery with a breathtaking view of the surrounding mountains.  Even the details of her packaging are well thought out.  Hardy brown craft paper is crisply folded by hand with an understated yet bold label of “Butter” applied.  It mirrors the simple, timeless and enduring nature of butter making.   

Marisa has her hands on every step of the process.  Why? Because it matters to her after her long hours of hard work on her farm to know her butter is something special. Her customers tell her Ploughgate Butter is “like gold” to them. Marisa beams when she says “butter just makes people happy.  It really does.”