Quayl's Chocolates

MAKER'S STORY | Quayl's Chocolates

Quayl Rewinski makes handmade chocolates in the Mad River Valley, Vermont.

If you love chocolate, you have come to the right place.

Quayl’s chocolates are handcrafted by Quayl Rewinski.  Her talents span being a gymnast, entrepreneur and dancer at various points in her life.  This all comes into play in her chocolate creative process.  Quayl finds herself totally absorbed in the flow of making chocolates when she is at her happiest and full of good energy.  Much like a dancer or gymnast, you can see the joy passed on to her creations.

Quayl is often asked, why her chocolates taste so good.  It all starts with top shelf chocolate and then the inspiration of real Vermont ingredients are added like local maple or even a bit of Vermont whiskey or beer. You can taste the difference when you have her creamy caramels drenched in dark chocolate and sprinkled in sea salt, or her melt-in-your-mouth buttercrunch dipped in chocolate and rolled in toasted nuts.  Even the cream used in these creations is from Vermont cows.  You know, the ones that happily graze in fields here.  It’s all a dance, a marriage of flavors and good energy that flows…to result in an amazing experience for you.

Quayl is generous and caring by nature. She is driven to put all this extra hand care and special ingredients into her chocolates so people slow down to truly savor it.  Those little moments of bliss are the breath of fresh air that signal that all is right in the world.  Enjoy.