Scrag Mountain Maple

MAKER'S STORY | Scrag Mountain Maple

Every step of the process of making Scrag Mountain syrup is about helping the natural beauty of the Vermont woods to thrive.  The owner, Dave Gavett, is a native Vermonter who is happiest when he is in the woods where peace and magical moments continually unfold.  

The Gavett’s believe everything is truly interconnected in nature. They find when the biodiversity of the woods is supported, nature can regenerate itself the way it was intended to. Their maples offer a perfect habitat for owls and hawks that love those pesky squirrels that chew the maple lines.  And the pileated woodpecker is their first line of defense for a tent caterpillar infestation.  On Scrag Mountain, they foster nature taking care of nature the way it was meant to.

Plus, the most efficient maple syrup operation possible is in their sugar house.  A hearty wood fired evaporator, married with state of the art technology, feeds the sugarhouse.  This means they waste nothing from the woods and have as little impact as possible on the environment.

The entire Scrag Mountain community comes together during sugaring season to respond to the flow of sap from 16,000+ taps. Everyone has a job on those long nights. Though it is hard work, they all enjoy the warm comradery.  The Master Sugar Maker, Gib Geiger, knows that “there are 3 or 4 nights a year when syrup is at it’s absolute peak.  That’s when we bottle the syrup that carries the Scrag Mountain Maple name.”

We hope you enjoy this local syrup and the knowledge that you are helping the Vermont forest to thrive. The Gavett’s have given back land on Scrag Mountain to the Mad River community to be forever wild…because it matters.