Tin Hat Cider

MAKER'S STORY | Teddy Weber

Erika Lynch, Babette's Table

Teddy Weber, a musician, is on a quest to discover and propagate wild apples.  You could say a touch of the wild is an essential element in his unique Tin Hat Ciders.  This adds interesting layers to his elegant ciders that are designed to be enjoyed with a meal, just like wine.  A dry and crisp cider is essentially wine, that just happens to be made from apples.

Teddy discovers his wild apples on treks to remote corners of Vermont where small quantities of rare apples can be found.  He works hard to discover and graft these wild apples while he satisfies his creative soul by tinkering with their limitless flavor profiles for his cider.

Teddy has always had a deep fascination with the story of John Chapman commonly known as Johnny Appleseed. Chapman’s ability to truly live off of the land was something respected by the Native Americans he encountered. His business was wild apples and teaching others how to grow and propagate them.  Chapman was also an eccentric character who wore his tin pot on his head as he traveled by foot.  Thus the name “Tin Hat” was created as homage to him and his honorable mission.

So why are wild apples important? They survived all these years for a reason.  Their hearty genetics can be just what will be needed to survive climate and weather shifts in the future. 

We invite you to try this deeply Vermont Tin Hat Cider with a great meal.  Supporting Tin Hat helps to bring back what nature intended to survive…from our modern day Johnny Appleseed of sorts, Teddy Weber.  Cheers.