Von Trapp Farmstead Cheese

MAKER'S STORY | Sebastian von Trapp

Sebastian von Trapp, Von Trapp Farmstead Cheese

We invite you to try Von Trapp Farmstead Cheese uniquely crafted right here in the Mad River Valley.  Sebastian Von Trapp and Molly Semler are the head cheesemakers behind these award winning cheeses.  Their cheese is crafted from raw milk that comes from the cows that are milked right next door to their creamery.  It doesn’t get any fresher than this!  Sebastian and Molly apply a balance of science and artisan instincts needed for these beautiful cheeses to express themselves in the best way possible. Their creamy and buttery Mount Alice, complex umami Mad River Blue or their balanced and pungent Oma cheese all capture the fresh taste of the pasture in distinctly different ways. 

Oma was named for Sebastian’s grandmother, a tribute to the strong matriarch who started their family farm. A farm that has now been passed down through 3 generations of the Von Trapp family.  Sebastian is truly carrying on his family legacy with honor today.

He believes in doing things the right way from start to finish.  The cows are raised organically and are frequently rotated on their sweeping pastures to ensure restoration of the soil fertility.  This will help their farmstead land to thrive for generations more.

Despite their humble Vermont roots, Von Trapp Farmstead Cheese is winning awards and acclaim across the country and around the globe.  Domestically, a “Best In Class” was achieved at the US Cheese Championships as well as several Good Food Awards.  And when stacked up against cheese from around the globe, Von Trapp cheese impressively won a Gold in the World Cheese Awards and a third place in the World Championship Cheese Contest.

We hope you savor this unique handcrafted cheese that could only come from the beauty of the Mad River Valley.