Walk into the Taste Place and it is clear that cheese is at the heart of our existence.  As home to the Vermont Cheese Council, our connections to cheesemakers run deep and our cheeses come from all corners of the state. Because of this unique relationship, on any given day you will find over 50 Vermont-made cheeses to sample and buy, including some cheeses you won’t find anywhere else. 

Foods You Will Find at the Taste Place

Vermont Cheeses

At the Taste Place, you will find the largest selection of Vermont Cheeses anywhere. The range of cheeses produced in the state is impressive, each cheese maker carving out his or her own niche and specialty. If you are looking for a specific style of cheese, our cheese mongers will guide you through a tasting to help you find exactly what you want. Explore the cheeses you will find at the Mad River Taste Place in our searchable makers database.

"The Best Cheese Counter in the State"

The VPR Café featured the Mad River Taste Place on a recent edition of the show. Food writer Melissa Passanen explained that the Taste Place has "a special edge" as the home to the Vermont Cheese Council. Visitors now have a place where they can taste and buy cheese from every one of the forty-plus members of the Cheese Council, even the small one-person operations that have a hard time getting their handcrafted dairy products into the mouths of consumers. Passanen claims the Taste Place is the "best cheese counter in the entire state.”

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Thanks to some talented makers and the Mad River Food Hub, we are able to stock an impressive supply of cured meats and sausages including coppa, lomo, duck prosciutto, prosciutto cotto, chorizo, salami, saucisson sec and toscano. Read more about these products and their makers in Seven Days.

Breads and Crackers

We have a selection of locally produced breads and crackers to round out a cheese plate. Several days a week you will find a selection of Green Rabbit naturally leavened breads, baguettes and seasonal offerings as well as tea cakes, cookies and other baked treats.

Cultured Local Butter

As good as cheese is with bread, sometimes you just can't beat a thick slice of Green Rabbit Levain slathered with Ploughgate Creamery butter made just up the hill from us at Bragg Hill Farm. Try the unsalted butter in your baking and the results will be stunning.

Chocolates and Confections

What is life without chocolate? We have sweets from many local makers including Laughing Moon and Nutty Steph's Chocolates

Jams, Honey and Maple Syrup

Jam is a great accompaniment to cheese and we have a large locally made selection including Blake Hill Wild Blueberry & Thyme Jam, a finalist for a Good Food Award in 2018. We also have a variety of honey and maple products including Tonewood's Maple Seasoning, Maple Flakes and Maple Cream.